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The Rise of Jorja Smith

With soul like Sade, and sensuality like Aaliyah, we talk about why Jorja Smith’s taking over in 2017.

With soul like Sade, and sensuality like Aaliyah, we talk about why Jorja Smith’s taking over in 2017


The effects of Drake’s More Life ‘playlist’ have been countless, not only are people saying ‘blem’ now, but British music has been given a worldwide spotlight.


Straight after the drop countless tweets, Facebook posts and viral Instagram memes were created, some making fun of Drake’s love of UK culture, others (mainly Americans), voicing their confusion at what we know as grime and UK rap music, with Giggs, Skepta and Sampha gaining thousands of mentions and new followers. The artist who’s gained a subtle popularity from the playlist, however, is Black-Country-born Jorja Smith, the 19-year-old whose music has led to shoutouts from Stormzy, Dizzee Rascal, and of course, more recently Drake, who supported him on his Boy Meets World tour.

The daughter of a singer herself, Jorja was raised in music and even though she originally “wanted to be a police officer”, the Walsall native moved to London in 2015 to pursue music, quickly establishing herself in the UK music scene and being nominated for a 2016 MOBO Award after the SoundCloud release of ‘Blue Lights’, a stirring track where she tells a poignant story on teenage life.

Speaking to Pigeons and Planes, she describes the track as a reflection of her upbringing, “Back home in Walsall is where I started writing, and this song is influenced by what I grew up around”. Something she’s carried on with in recent tracks like ‘Beautiful Little Fools’, based on Daisy’s famous quote in The Great Gatsby, Jorja takes on being a woman in 2017, her newly shaved blonde hair a symbol of non-conformity. She croons in 1920’s visuals and somehow assures the young women in today’s society.


From award nominations, to topping Apple Music charts, and an album Project 11 all before 20, there’s no stopping Jorja Smith’s rise as she simultaneously takes over the music scene in the UK and the US.


See Jorja’s Beautiful Little Fools here.


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