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The Black Mermaid #PoetryMondays

Here at Culture Focus we’re proud to announce our new #PoetryMondays, where every week we will be posting a new poem online. We are also accepting submissions, so feel free to comment below!

The Black Mermaid is an ode to all the young black girls who have always wanted to be a mermaid but have always perceived it to be unobtainable, as the media has presented it to be something only white women can transform into. The poem tackles transformation, from a mermaid to a human and back again, and in this sense it gives power to black women restricted by patriarchal society – The Black Mermaid moves between both reality and fantasy, free from the bonds of a western world. 

Skin turning, churning, bubbling to the surface

Renewal is bittersweet,

I am in mourning for my past self,

I sing sirens on a green island.


my locks don’t flow in the wind, but they sway idly from side to side firm unmoved by the wind and its cries.

and when submerged it feels like soft foam, surrounding me, my proud black halo. my hair is fearless. I am fearless.


my skin is not bloodless, but dark like black coral; a rare prize in the ocean that you use as decoration. I am my own ornament.

and when I float down deep into the slippery cleft of below, I writhe and shimmer against the current like pitch black gold.


Existence is a hidden gem,

Present Mysterious and Ever Elusive.

Living is so much better.


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