This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

Culture Focus is just that: an in-depth look into the culture of urban Britain. Focusing on topics such as fashion and music, and political issues such as race and feminism, our online magazine aims to bring readers impactful and opinionated subject matter while raising awareness of otherwise overlooked topics.

Want to write for us?

Please send admissions to charntewilliams@hotmail.co.uk.


  • In your email, please state the title for your piece (even if you haven’t written it yet), in the subject line e.g PITCH – CHANGING FASHION. Also, please write a 250-word description of the piece you are sending, as well as having the article attached as a word document.
  • If there are any supporting facts for this piece, such as Tweets, IG posts ect, please also send them pasted in the e-mail message box.
  • Finally, please don’t hesitate to send us work! We accept everything cutting-edge, engaging and informative, from fashion to politics. If you get inspired, write and send!